French Power

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French Power Market Analysis

Nena publishes “Day-Ahead” and “Short Term” reports with price forecasts for base, peak and off-peak. In the French “Short-Term” report current and next week are covered. The analysis is based on a detailed hourly stack model of the French power system taking into account all capacities made available by RTE. This includes nuclear, coal condense, CCGT, lake hydropower and flows in/out for all bordering countries.

In addition a wind power model and run of river model estimate price independent power generation. The power consumption estimate is a result from several models for different regions.

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Coupled Markets

Nena has analyzed the French power market side by side with the German power market since 2001. It is critical to understand the price formation in these coupled markets. With a new model for France from 2014 Nena strengthens the analyses for both countries.

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French power analyst team

Senior analysts Bengt Longva and Sigurd P. Lie have been responsible for Nena’s German power analysis since 2001. They have constantly revised and expanded the analysis to stay on top of structural changes in the market and in trading. As the market has moved towards higher volatility and liquidity in the short term, Nena offers a strong short term analysis for anyone exposed to short term market movements. French power was introduced as a new product from the German desk in 2014.

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Bengt P. Longva

Senior Analyst

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Economist from University of Bergen. Former Portfolio Manager at Drammen Kraft AS. Earlier experience from research at SNF, a research body at the Norwegian Business School in Bergen.
Employed since January 1998.

+47 22 31 41 04
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Sigurd P. Lie

Senior Analyst

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MBA from University of Denver Colorado. Former Financial Manager at Jernbaneverket (Norwegian National Railway Administration), and experience within international finance and accounting.
Employed since June 1998.

+47 22 31 41 05

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