Nordic Power Market

Outlook 2021 - 2045

Fall 2020, 35th edition

Available from October 21st

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Key discussions for the Fall 2020 edition

  • What parts of the Nordic system will we there be significant consumption growth and how will energy efficiency improvements limit the growth?

  • COVID-19 – How has the pandemic affected the Nordic power market and will it have any long term impacts?

  • How will increasing investments in solar power in Europe affect the long-term power prices in the Nordic system?

  • Replacing flexible fossil power production with intermittent renewable power introduces challenges to balancing of the system.

  • How will an emerging hydrogen market affect the Nordic power market?

  • Will renewables and emissions goals still be reached?

  • Will new European wide interconnector capacities send more signals northbound and price structure and level change?

  • The coal to gas switch, plus politically determined thermal decommissioning plans and green subsidy schemes are perhaps enough to reach the current European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) emissions goals.

Report content

The long term report offers 4 scenarios with an updated base case scenario, a climate change scenario and a high and low scenario.

Price forecasts for the Nordic and German System and all Nordic area prices up until 2045, plus price projections for Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania on annual resolution.

The Nordic Power Outlook also includes a detailed annual supply and demand balance for all price areas until 2045.

The analysis is available as pdf and paper versions, including a spreadsheet with all relevant calculations from the analysis.

Chief analyst Sigbjørn Seland holds presentation

Nordic power workshop

Nena offers a workshop at client premises or in the Nena office in Oslo where pre-agreed topics related to the Nordic power market are presented and discussed. For best use of a workshop Nena recommends to add the most recent “Nordic Renewables Outlook 2021-2045”. Use this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the market and to challenge Nena.

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Nena launches updated long term report on Electricity Certificates until 2045 on October 28th. We highly recommend to include this report as the elcert and power markets are strongly interlinked.