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Nena offers a web service for real-time UK and Norwegian gas flow data. UK gas flow includes NTS flow, interconnectors, associated gas, dry gas, LNG and storage. Norwegian gas flow covers UK, Germany, France and Belgium with separate flows for Dornum, Emdem EMS, Emden NGT, Dunkerque, Zeebrugge, Easington, St. Fergus and Entry SEAGAL. Flows are available for last hour, last 24 hours, last gas day and current gas day.

On request Nena executes price scenario forecasts on UK-NBP, European and global LNG prices.

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UK NBP, European gas and LNG forecasts on request

Nena has developed an in-house deterministic price forecasting model for the UK/Conti gas market. Currently, periodically gas price scenario forecasts are performed for in-house use in conjunction with Conti/Nordic power market analyses to uncover the potential outcomes. With LNG imports evolving as marginal supply to UK/Conti, a thorough understanding of the global LNG play is decisive.

The cross-commodity relationships between different fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil products are uncovered through comprehensive and detailed gas and power market analysis on country vise or regional levels. Nena is closely monitoring the rapid development of the worldwide LNG play and has developed a comprehensive global spot LNG forecasting model to fully expose the price-elasticity of LNG imports to Europe and globally.

The global spot LNG analysis comprises detailed modelling of gas and power markets in all major LNG importing countries as well as a thorough understanding of the price-elasticity of potential exports from the US gas market. Initial results derived late 2013 exposed an extensive near-term down-side potential in the global spot LNG market. Adding plunging oil prices, Fare East Asian spot LNG prices was set to drop in excess of 60% to withhold and extend market share to competing fuels.


Gas workshop

Nena offers workshops at client premises or in the Nena office in Oslo where pre-agreed topics related to the gas market are presented and discussed. Use this opportunity to enhance your understanding of the market and to challenge Nena.

Gas analyst team

Senior analyst Pål Svendsen has been in charge of developing a deterministic price forecasting model for the UK/Conti gas market. During the period 2010-14 Nena provided daily short-term price forecasts on the UK NBP market in addition to weekly analysis of the NBP forward curve. Essential knowledge and model inputs of global coal markets is provided by the Nena Coal team and the LNG analysis is supported by senior analyst Hans Gunnar Nåvik.

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Pål Svendsen

Senior Analyst

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Master of Science in Engineering from NTNU. Earlier experience including hydrological and meteorological analyses and power systems modelling at Statkraft and Vattenfall.
Employed since January 2000.

+47 22 31 41 07
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Hans Gunnar Nåvik

Senior Analyst

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Master of Science in Engineering from NTNU. Former Director of Risk Management and Trading at Drammen Kraft AS.
Established Nena February 1997.

+47 22 31 41 02

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